Justin Geracitano

Property Consultant

A little about me

For the last 10 years Justin has been involved in real estate on a number of levels. Firstly as a kitchen designer and installer, so with over 100 fit outs under his belt he has helped many people prepare their homes for the market. He also has sold a home which he personally built as owner builders. His wife Claire and him custom designed and built in Pretty Pool, Port Hedland. He is also related to the “Hegney” family in Perth who have been in real estate for many years. Having exposure to a very successful family in the industry, it has taught Justin a lot about the highs and lows of the market, ways in which you can add value to a property and how to grab a bargain. Justin’s focus will be the Busselton area of which he resides. He lives right in town where there is great opportunity due to the re-zoning of certain areas, an increase in property value and his understanding of the area. Justin looks forward with great anticipation to acquire listings primarily in the heart of town. With his trade knowledge he can also help and share his knowledge of how to renovate, subdivide and develop. Justin not only wants to give Stocker Preston a real presence in Busselton but also continue to serve the community as well. He is currently a tenor in the Busselton Choral Society which he loves. He attends a 100 strong local church and also hopes to become an agent who’s well known for giving great service in a professional manner.