Prepping for home opens: Think like a buyer!
Remember, we’re selling more than a house – we’re selling a lifestyle. When potential buyers walk through your front door you want them to fall in love. That means taking some pre-emptive action prior to home opens to ensure your home fulfils every buyer’s dream. It means thinking like a buyer.

Some simple tips to give your home an edge

  • Clean in advance
    Don’t leave cleaning to the last minute. On the day of your home open, you should only need to tidy up – make the beds, put dishes in the dishwasher, empty the rubbish bin – little things that the whole family can help with.
  • Let some fresh air in 
    Assuming it’s warm enough outside, open some windows. Nobody likes stale air, particularly in a home with pets or smokers.
  • Switch the lights on 
    Room by room, consider what lighting shows off your home in the best light. More light is invariably better than less. No area of your home should be dark.
  • Find a comfortable temperature
    Your home should feel inviting to prospective buyers. Too warm and it will feel stale. Too cool and it’ll feel unwelcoming. Try to find the right balance.
  • Turn off the TV
    You don’t want to distract or annoy your buyers. Your home should feel peaceful. Playing some soft, gentle background music might be a good idea if road noise is a potential issue.
  • Get pets and children out of the house
    Pets and children can distract buyers, so arrange for the kids to visit friends and ask a neighbour to look after your pets during your home open.
  • Let your home speak for itself
    If you’ve prepared properly, allow your home and agent to work their magic and create that emotional connection with buyers. Resist the temptation to try selling it yourself, which leads us to the most important tip…
  • Leave it to your agent
    If you’ve got an experienced, licensed agent on the case, it’s better if you leave them to it. It might be tempting to stay at home during a home open, but it puts buyers off – they can struggle to picture themselves living in a home when the owner is present and they will often hurry through their inspection. Give buyers the time and opportunity to fall in love with your house.