Ultimate Moving Checklist

If you put the required effort into planning and preparation you will be prepared for all outcomes.

You have complete control over the success of your moving day. If you put the required effort into planning and preparation you will be prepared for all outcomes. On the other hand, if you don’t put in the necessary effort you’re pretty much guaranteed of having a stress-filled day.


This moving house checklist by Kent Removals and Storage has been created to help movers plan out their move and make sure all the details have been taken care of by the time moving day rolls around:


Time Is of the Essence

Time is the enemy, so with two months until moving day you need to start:

  • Confirm all the details of your move with your moving company. The earlier these details are finalised the better both you and your moving company can prepare. Communicating all details of the move leading up to the move is a vital part of a successful move.
  • Local councils usually have restrictions on parking and access points. Make sure you’re aware of these so you can ensure your mover doesn’t contravene any of these regulations.
  • You’re going to want water, gas and electricity on your first night in your new home so organise a disconnect/reconnect service with utility companies.
  • Don’t miss out on important mail. Head down to your nearest Australia Post outlet and organise a mail redirect service.
  • Cancel any regular domestic services, such as your gardener or cleaner. Bear in mind that it might be a good idea to organise a final clean, clip and weed before you move out.
  • Moving with children isn’t easy. If you want to take a bit of pressure off try and organise a babysitter for the big day. If you have pets ask your moving company about a pet boarding service.
  • If your computer is damaged in the move you don’t want to lose your important files and data. To protect against this back-up your computer and store the external hard drive separately. 


The Science Behind Packing

Moving isn’t easy on your treasures. They get handled twice and bounced around on their way to your new address. Throwing belongings a box won’t protect them from the dangers they face so you need to pack for moving:

  • The best thing you can do to protect your treasures is invest in quality packing materials. Don’t try and get by with newspaper and second-hand boxes. You need packing paper, double-corrugated moving boxes and packing tape to keep your valuables safe. Ask your mover about custom made boxes for large electronic items, like TV’s.
  • You need to be careful not to overfill boxes. Boxes should be packed so that one person can carry them. It’s also a good idea to fill in empty space with bubble wrap to prevent movement within the box.  


Don’t Stop Yet

Good movers keep on packing and preparing right up until moving day. With one week to go you can turn your attention to:

  • Ensuring that your home is up to agreed standard by completing any last-minute repairs.
  • Go through your moving plan carefully. Make sure that all changes have been communicated to your moving company and confirm that your moving company has recorded these.
  • As ‘Essentials Box’ will be a lifesaver on moving day. This box will be full of important but easily lost items, such as keys, phone chargers, medication, remotes and batteries.
  • Everything needs to be packed by moving day. You don’t want to be packing boxes when the truck turns up. Make sure everything is ready so all you have to do is move the boxes from your house onto the truck.


Work through the list and you’re almost guaranteed of a dream moving day and the perfect start in your new home.

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Ultimate Moving Checklist