Top Tips for Decluttering

Decluttering isn’t easy; you need to shut off your emotions and apply cold hard logic to each and every one of your possessions.

When it comes time to move house our ability to collect clutter really comes to light. That’s why moving house is the perfect time to rationalise our belongings and get rid of all the stuff we don’t need.


Decluttering isn’t easy; you need to shut off your emotions and apply cold hard logic to each and every one of your possessions. While the process isn’t easy the rewards are worth it; not only will you get to set up a new, clutter-free home you’ll also save a lot on your move, especially if moving overseas. The cost of services moving and storage services are directly related to the volume of your possessions. Cut down on the junk and you cut down on the quote! To helping to fight clutter and cut moving and storage costs, here are some of the best tips:


Don’t Collect Multiples

There are a select few things that you need multiples of, such as towels and cutlery. For basically everything else you only need one of each. Unless you own a restaurant you only need one stockpot, you only need one DVD player per TV and you only need one hairdryer. If you want to declutter, start by paring everything back to one. Get rid of the multiples and you’ll make huge strides in your decluttering mission.


The Year Rule

‘The Year Rule’ dictates that you should only keep things that you have used in the past year. This rule will help you rid things you keep for no reason. For example, if you haven’t worn something in a year you don’t need it because you haven’t used it through winter, summer, spring our autumn. If you haven’t used your pasta maker in a year you don’t need it because obviously, you’re not that keen on making pasta. The only items that are exempt from this rule are precious items, such as heirlooms.


Clothes Count as Clutter

The wardrobe is a notorious collector of clutter. As mentioned above, the year rule is a great way to cut down your wardrobe. You don’t need five different winter coats, in fact you don’t need five of anything. Cut it back to basics and enjoy a more organised and spacious wardrobe.


Establish Its Purpose?

Everything in our homes should serve a purpose, apart from a select few items that are purely decorative. If you’ve got a hall stand with nothing on it you can sell or donate it because it isn’t serving any purpose. The same goes for things like garage fridges that stay turned off, or kitchen appliances that never get used. If it doesn’t serve a frequent purpose in your life then it’s probably clutter.


Immediate Impact

There are certain items in our house that are outside any of the rules listed above. No matter how useless they are you’ll get an overwhelming feeling that you just can’t dispose of them. This is fine and it’s important that you trust your gut during a decluttering process, but you must maintain balance. If you find yourself unable to throw anything out you should go back to the rules or you’ll never free yourself of the clutter that is consuming your house and life.  


For more information, download this handy how to declutter before moving house checklist.

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