Protecting Your Furniture During a Move

The marker of a successful move is getting your belongings from your old address to your new address in one piece.

The marker of a successful move is getting your belongings from your old address to your new address in one piece. Furniture is up there with our most important household items. Firstly, it provides an important function. Secondly, we usually invest more in our furniture than we do in other items and thirdly, furniture becomes part of our lives. We wear our little grooves in it and it bears the marks of our lives.


In light of this, it’s important that you know how to protect your furniture during a move because it’s going to be hard to enjoy your new home if you’ve lost your favourite couch or chest of drawers along the way.


So, from the experts at Kent Removals and Storage, here’s how to protect your furniture during a move.


Get Your Technique Right

The right moving technique will not only protect your furniture, it will protect your back too! The type of furniture you’re moving will dictate how you move it and moving a couch is very different from moving heavy furniture. Some rules are universal however and that means making sure that you are physically capable of picking up the piece of furniture, getting a strong partner(s) and ensuring you place the weight of the furniture on large muscle groups instead of focusing all the weight on your lower back or shoulders.


Using the right technique helps you protect your furniture because you’ll be completely balanced, meaning you won’t drop it or ram it into any sharp edges on the way out the door.


Get The Right Material

Quality packing material is the best way to protect your furniture. You invested in your furniture so it’s worth investing in the material to keep it in perfect condition. Old sheets, towels and blankets don’t count as quality packing material. Instead, you need bubble wrap, heavy duty moving blankets, plastic wrap and packing tape.


Take the Weight Off

Light furniture is easier to move and therefore less likely to be damaged. You can lighten furniture by dissembling it or removing parts of it. So, if you’re moving a couch get rid of the cushions. If you’re moving a chest of drawers take out the drawers. You should also get a moving trolley and shoulder dollies to help make the move easier. Moving trolleys take all the weight and make manoeuvring the furniture around tight corners easy while shoulder dollies keep your hands free and give you greater control.


Limit Movement in Transit

When packing the moving vehicle, you need to try and pack furniture together as much as possible. Movement is the biggest danger to your furniture, so if you pack everything tight you’ll take away the movement. Just make sure that everything is tied down so your coffee table doesn’t get crushed by a falling couch!


Keep these four tips in your head and your furniture will make it to its new home safe and sound. Of course, you can always just contact your local moving company and they’ll take care of everything for you. 

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Protecting Your Furniture During a Move