5 ways to help reduce on your energy bills

The colder months are upon us, and higher energy bills tend to be part and parcel. However, just a few small changes can help make a difference to your energy bill. Here are five ways to help cut costs…


1. Keep an eye on your thermostat settings

Although it can be very tempting to increase the temperature on your heater or air conditioner on those chilly mornings and evenings, every 1°C higher than 20°C could increase your heater’s running costs by 10%. If your air conditioner has a timer, try and only set it to activate during periods when people are normally home during the day. If you leave it on all day, you could be in for a rude shock when the bill comes in


2. Ensure all drafts and leaks are sealed

Protecting your home against drafts and leaks, you can help to reduce your energy bill. Some key places to ensure are sealed up include any cracks or gaps around doors, windows, electrical outlets and floorboards, especially in older homes.


3. Shut in the heat

Close off particular areas in your home, like your living room or bedroom, when your heater is on to reduce the area you need to heat. If this isn’t an option due to your floor plan, just closing the doors to your laundry or bathroom can prevent up to 75% of heat loss, which makes a huge difference to your energy bill.


4. Decorate for warmth

Use floor rugs and blankets to help create a sense of coziness in your home. In the bedroom, add an extra blanket cover, or an electric blanket, instead of spending money on heating the room. We also recommend closing curtains and blinds when trying to keep a room warm, to help insulate against heat loss


5. Focus on your hot water usage

Hot water usage is often a major culprit when it comes to pushing up your energy bills. To combat this, we recommend setting your washing machine to a cold wash, and reducing your shower times to under 5 minutes.









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5 ways to help reduce on your energy bills